Tip of the Month - APRIL

Enhance Appeal

IF possible, "neutralize" your environment, replacing strong colors and accessories with neutral ones: purple walls with green polka dots just don't do it anymore: prospective Buyers want to be able to imagine their own things occupying the living space AND in their tastes.
I personally suggest that family photos and personal items be put away or placed out of sight during showings.

Add "finishing touches" to make your home & property memorable, door to door and top to bottom. Fresh flowers or lush plants, subtle but appealing touches such as nice bathroom accessories OR a pretty afghan, even a new doormat and attractive front door decoration, all contribute to the total impression.

Before every showing, re-examine all details: take care to emptying garbage, "hiding" laundry and surface cleaning:
Beds should be made and no dirty dishes in the sink: Buyers may want to open closet doors and look under the sinks: (make sure nothing can fall out, etc.) open windows for a bit of fresh air-adjust the thermostat to a comfortable setting-use a touch of air freshener or deodorizer.

Compile a file regarding property taxes, utility bills, and other useful information AND make this available to the Agent: Let your real estate agent conduct the showing and answer questions. IF you are home, be welcoming, but allow the agent to be the prospective Buyer's main source of information.

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This web page was updated on 03/30/2000.