TIP OF THE MONTH - April 2016

Market Ready Check List for Apartments

Source: Practical Apartment Management
             Edward N. Kelley-2nd Edition

Nine items that should be checked to make sure the unit is market ready.

1-All walls and ceilings should be freshly painted.  Do not overlook closets or shelving.

2-Carpeting should be freshly shampooed.  If there are any stains or burns, they should be removed or else the carpeting replaced.

3-All windows should be washed both inside and out.

4-Window sills, the tops of double-hung sashes, ledges and shelves should be wiped clean of dirt and dead insects.

5-Light fixtures and switches should be in working order.  Fixtures should be clean-no dead insects inside globes.

6-The temperature should be set at the level appropriate to the season.  On moderate days, open the window to help air out the apartment.

7-The kitchen should be immaculate with all appliances clean and in working order. Make sure the refrigerator has the proper number of ice cube trays and that the cabinets are clean inside and out. Pay particular attention to the cabinet under the sink. There should be no stains in the sink and no dripping facuets.

8-Bathrooms should be spotless.  Watch for dripping faucets, stains or worn-out enamel in the tub and dirty toilets.  The medicine cabinet should be freshly painted and empty, with no leftover razor blades and other personal items.  Tub and tile grout should be tight and without stains.

9-Watch out for the typical apartment starter kit, i.e., a few bent hangers in the closet, some half used soap bars in the bathroom, and a few sheets of toilet paper left on the roll.

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