TIP OF THE MONTH - April 2015

Source: John Cunniff/Associated Press

The nights can become very dark for owners of rental real estate, but seldom does hope expire.

Empty units, low rents, reduced demand, financing problems, balky banks, rising upkeep, reduced cash flow, threatened foreclosures, tenant strikes, rent control: Nothing but throbbing, unrelenting stress headaches.

Seldom however, does total despair envelop the industry, not when so many in it believe that good times always follow bad, that when good times are good, they are also very, very, profitable.

When the economy regains health, when job growth resumes, when distress prices on “FOR SALE” housing disappear, the rental apartment market will ignite.  The bright outlook depends heavily on TWO developments.

#1 The economy shedding the recession and bursting into growth which may or may not happen.

#2 Continued weakness in multifamily construction.

Landlords have lived thro many tough times, much as this might surprise their tenants.  It is part of the territory. (as they say)

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