Tip of the Month - August, 2019


Source: Landlording-4th Edition
By: Leigh Robinson-Nancy Robinson-David Patton

Mini-blinds have been popular with decorators for years, but they have not always been as inexpensive, as available, or as durable as they are today. Many paint stores, department stores, hardware stores, and variety stores have ready-made sizes in stock.  Because they can be mounted either inside or outside window casements, stock min-blinds can accommodate most window sizes. That is especially convenient for you when you need a window covering right away.  Just go to a nearby store, buy and hang.  Give mini-blinds a long, hard look as a window-covering, an alternative which will fit well into almost any rental unit.  You will find that they are more decorative, easier to clean, and easier to maintain than draperies and they look every bit as good.

Above all, do use some kind of window covering when your
rentals are vacant.  The obviously vacant dwelling with naked windows is a prime target for vandals and squatters, both of whom seem to be on the increase these days.

Crossett Tip: Mini-blinds can be good insulators for window
drafts, etc.  By installing yourself or your contractor, you prevent damages to the window casings/moldings, etc.  Most tenants would not have the experience or ability to install. It is also a good idea tomake sure all windows are clean/open freely and have screens.

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