Tip of the Month - August, 2022

Easy Entry to Inspect for Needed Repairs

Source: Every Landlords Legal Guide
By: Marcia Stewart, Attorneys Janet Portman,
       Ann OíConnell-15th edition

Itís an excellent idea to inspect your rental properties @ least once or twice a year.  That way you can find small problems before they become big ones, and tenants canít claim that they did not have an opportunity to report complaints to you.

If you do not have an access clause in your lease or rental agreement, state law might give you the right, anyway.  Most states with privacy statutes grant landlords the right to inspect rental property.  In other states you must determine whether the courts in your state have addressed the issue of landlord inspections.

CAUTION: Do not abuse your right to inspect. Do not use your right to harass or annoy the tenant. Repeated inspections absent a specific reason, even when proper notice is given are an invitation to a lawsuit.

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