TIP OF THE MONTH - August 2014

Source: Property Management for Dummies
             Robert Griswold

Curb appeal is also important to retaining your current tenants.  One of the most common complaints of tenants and a major reason for tenants to move is the failure of the owner or property manager to properly maintain the rental unit.  If the tenants are frustrated with the property appearance or if they get the runaround when they need things repaired, the tenants have little reason to remain unless the rent is significantly below market value.  Poor curb appeal is the direct result of poor management.  There is no excuse for poor curb appeal, and there are no benefits to anyone involved, because the lost revenue is never regained and the property value ultimately declines.

The best advertising campaign in the world cannot overcome a poor physical appearance.  Making sure your property looks good on the outside as well as the inside significantly improves your chances of finding just the right tenants.

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