TIP OF THE MONTH - December 2012


Source: First Time Landlord
By Attorney Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart and Michael Molinski

At the end of your Tenant’s lease, you will get inside the rental to assess its condition.  You can fairly deduct from the security deposit those sums needed to remedy damage beyond normal wear and tear, and necessary cleaning.

But do not wait until then to take a look around.  You might want to have a look mid-lease to make sure minor problems do not develop into big ones, and to educate your Tenants as to what to expect when they move out.

If you want to do a mid-lease inspection, follow your state’s rules regarding landlord entry, giving the required amount of notice and scheduling the visit on an allowable day.

Who pays?  As long as the problem is one for which you could legitimately use the security deposit, you can demand that the Tenants pay directly, or you may use the deposit.  If you use the deposit, be sure to demand, in writing, that the Tenants replenish the deposit.  Failure to do so would be grounds for terminating the lease.


Our policy is to give a 24 hour advance notice (in writing) @ a reasonable day & time for any/all entries with the exception of an emergency.  Our lease terms advise the Tenants what fees or charges will be applicable upon vacating. A walk-thro is scheduled with the Tenant, including the return of all keys-transfer of utilities confirmed.

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