Tip of the Month - December, 2021

Inspection of the Premises

Source:  Property Management-Sixth Edition
BY: Robert C. Kyle/Floyd M. Baird RPA/SMA
        Marie S. Spodek, DREI

Whenever either party terminates a lease, the manager should inspect the space with the tenant after the tenant has removed all personal items.  When the unit is empty, the manager will have to determine what repainting and refurbishing will be needed before the space can be rented again.  To facilitate this procedure, the manager might carry a check list, to note the condition of each room or area, repairs needed and when they can be scheduled.  Similar forms should be used for commercial space.  Whenever possible, the manager should use the same form used for move-in to determine if any damage has been done to the property and if the unit is in reasonable condition.  Any deductions to be made from the security or cleaning deposits can be calculated at this time.

Sometimes tenants are poorly informed as to the notice required, the cleaning they are expected to do, and other details of vacating their space.  A letter from the manager outlining the procedure tenants should follow when moving out can avoid any misunderstanding.

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