Tip of the Month - December 2005


Source:Essential Facts: Real Estate Management

Joseph DeCarlo-Warren-Gorham-& Lamont

For purposes of budgeting and scheduling, maintenance tasks are divided into 4 types:

#1 Service maintenance: Unforeseen breakdowns & tenant service requests: these maintenance jobs are further classified as:

A-Immediate (gas leak)

B-Same day (clogged toilet)

C-When time permits (leaking faucet)

#2 Routine maintenance: General maintenance to common areas, grounds & equipment, as well as janitorial duties: these tasks are not performed in response to tenant requests, but are necessary to enhance the property’s visual (*& functional) appeal.

#3 Preventive maintenance: Some tasks are performed on a regularly scheduled basis to prevent minor problems from leading to major breakdowns or emergencies, including (*but not limited to) fixing cracks in the pavement, replacing air conditioning filters, painting the building’s exterior, etc.

#4 Deferred maintenance: In some cases, ordinary maintenance is postponed to a later date, usually because of lack of funds. Deferred maintenance reduces the property’s value & desirability to tenants.

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