Tip of the Month - December, 2020


Source: Property Management for Dummies
             By: Robert Griswold

Sometimes new tenants ask if they can begin moving just a few items into the rental unit before your pre-occupancy conference. Do not allow it!  You will create a tenant/landlord relationship simply by letting the new tenants have access to the rental unit without being there or by allowing them to store even a few items in the unit.  If you need to cancel the rental for any reason, you would then need to go through a formal legal eviction that could take several weeks.

Although the rental property should be in rent-ready condition before being shown to rental prospects, the property can quickly get dirty or dusty if there is any delay between showing the property and the actual tenant move-in.  So before meeting with your tenant prior to move-in, make one last visit to the rental unit and go through your rent-ready inspection checklist again just to make sure that there will be no surprises when move-in day arrives.

Moving is very stressful for most people, and if your new tenants have a bad move-in experience it can last for months, or even stay in their minds throughout their entire tenancy.  Many aspects of the tenant’s move are beyond your control.  Although you can not guarantee your new tenant’s a simple and painless move, you can take steps to ensure that you are organized and ready to handle any complaints or concerns about their new home.  If at all possible, arrange to be available or on the premises during their move-in so you can answer any questions for them.

This web page was updated on 12/25/2020