Know the difference. 

Source: Journal of Property Management


#1 Be friendly: have a natural, real & believable desire to put others @ ease. Welcome people with a warm hello, a smile and friendly conversation. 

#2 Remember the three C-s: Today's Consumers know they have a choice and want to do business with someone who shows genuine concern for their needs and desires. Common courtesies: standing, shaking hands, using the word "Welcome" and offering a seat, etc. go a long way toward a great first impression. 

#3 Demonstrate common sense & read body language: Pay attention to your own non-verbal signs and maintain eye contact, smile often and keep your hands to yourself. 

#4 Follow through: be creative: Observe other business (and landlords-, managers) on how they are doing business & marketing their properties & units. 

#5 Be professional: your personal appearance, your command of the language, your manners and your rental should scream: "I am the person with whom you want to do business." Little things, like your nails, hairstyle, polished shoes and white teeth count. Show that you care about yourself and they will know you are capable of taking care of them. 

#6 Be unforgettable!!! Send them away with a "little" gift, your business card or an information sheet about the rental, be clever with a way that they can remember your name: ("when you come to a bridge, what do you do?" Crossett!!)


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