TIP OF THE MONTH - Guidelines for Rental Applications
Source: Property Management for Dummies
              By Robert Griswold

Every prospective tenant who is currently 18 years of age or older should completely fill out a written application.  This applies whether the applicants are married, related in some other way, or unrelated roommates, etc.

Before accepting the rental application, carefully review the entire form to make sure that each prospective tenant has clearly and legibly provided all requested information.  Pay particular attention to all names and addresses, employment information, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and emergency contacts.  Any blanks should be marked with an “N/A” if not applicable so that you can tell they were not inadvertently overlooked.

Each prospect must sign the rental application authorizing you to verify the provided information and to run a credit report.

Ask each prospective tenant to show you his current driver’s license or other similar photo identification so that you can confirm that the applicants are providing you with their correct names and current addresses.


Should you determine that a credit report is necessary, a special form authorizing permission to do so for each applicant, should be signed and dated by each applicant.  There may be a non-refundable fee/fees for this service.  Should you wish to apply the fee/fees as part of your operating costs, the prospective tenant/tenants would not be charged.

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