TIP OF THE MONTH - February 2016

Source: Practical Apartment Management
             Edward N. Kelly-Second Edition

Prospects almost certainly will notice the mailboxes near the entrance door.  These boxes should be uniformly labeled by management. Boxes indiscriminately identified with business cards, plastic tape, hand printing, and stickers only detract from the building’s appearance.  The exteriors of the boxes should be kept neat and clean.

One problem you will discover with mailboxes is that handbills cannot be placed in them.  In fact, only items officially sent through the mail legally can be inserted in mailboxes.  This means that handbills will be dumped on the floor beneath the boxes.  Handbills are an unfortunate fact of life in apartments.  You cannot get rid of them, but you can provide a special box or rack, or shelf where handbills can be placed.

It is a good idea, too, to have a small waste receptacle near the mailboxes and a shelf below the boxes.  Tenants will find the shelf handy when sorting their mail and the waste receptacle convenient for tossing junk mail, which, otherwise, may end up on the entrance or hall floor.  Daily pickup of this material would be part of the maintenance schedule. 


Security issues are a concern for tenants.  We suggest having a mailbox with a key either inside or outside the building with plenty of lighting. Talk with your Post Office regarding your concerns and suggestions.  Our experience has shown the Post Office to be very supportive in our efforts. 

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