Tip of the Month - Febuary 2009


Source: Profitably Managing your Rental Properties
             R. Dodge Woodson

Most Landlords never think about their light fixtures.  They are so used to seeing them that they accept them for what they are.  Tenants and Appraisers, however, may see them in a different light.  Light fixtures can date your building.  Outdated ones can make it look old.  Take a look at your units and see if the fixtures are old and dingy looking.

In making capitol investments, Landlords often overlook the little items that expose the building for what it is.  If you are transforming an old building (or apartment) into a modern one don’t forget the light fixtures.  You may not see a cash-on-cash return, but the overall effect will be good.


Make sure when you are updating the light fixtures, also update/replace the wall switches and outlets.  Outlets and switches that are painted over are a “red flag”.  Notice the locations and how many in each room, are there exterior motion lights, etc.  Have your electrical contractor test all for function, dedicated circuits, including but not limited to grounding.  Check with your local Codes Dept. or Insurance Agent to determine code requirements.  Only licensed electrical contractors should be doing work.  As an extra step, a copy of an inspection of all electrical work performed.

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