TIP OF THE MONTH - February 2012


Source: New York Landlord’s Law Book
             By Attorney Mary Ann Hallenborg

A good system to record all significant tenant complaints and repair requests will provide a valuable paper trail should disputes develop later-for example, regarding your right to enter a tenant’s unit to make repairs or the time it took for you to fix a problem.  Without good records, the outcome of a dispute may come down to your word against your tenant’s---always a precarious situation.

Set up a file folder on each property with individual files for each tenant, include the following documents.

1-A tenant’s rental application, references, (if applicable) credit report, background information, including (but not limited) to information about any co-signers.
2-A signed lease or rental agreement, plus any changes made along the way.
3-Landlord Tenant Checklist (move in-move out form). A copy of a video or pictures at the time of the move in.

ADD TO FILE: rent receipts, written requests for access to the unit. 

USE YOUR COMPUTER: Set up a simple data base for each Tenant-address of unit, move in date, phone number, employment information, vehicle make and model, security deposit information or whatever is important to you.  There are several computer programs that will allow you to keep track of every aspect of your business. 

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