January 2001


A reputation for sales and service performance must be earned. Clients select Brokers and Agents more on the basis of results and services offered than for any other reason. Clear communication and communication skills help establish your reputation for service.

#1 INITIAL COMMUNICATION: When taking a Listing or a Project, a Broker should advise the Client specifically WHAT services are to be provided, WHO will provide each service and WHY the services are necessary.

#2 CONTINUING COMMUNICATION: Clients should be advised as to what services have been rendered and where results can be expected. Personal contact is particularly important.

#3 PERIODIC REVIEW AND RECOMMENDATION: A listed property that does not sell in a reasonable time requires a discussion between the Client and Broker-Agent. A project that does not proceedd accordingly as per contract also requires personal contact and discussion between Client and Broker-Agent.

If the continuing communications have been clear and the Client is receptive, the best terms and the best results can be reached. Your reputation is the best advertisement and the most cost-effective for Client AND Broker-Agent!!!!

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