Tip of the Month - January, 2019


Source: Principles of Real Estate Management-5th Edition (IREM)

Maintenance is the key to superior presentation and optimal function; it preserves-and sometimes improves-the condition and, therefore, the value of the property.  Regular cleaning and repairs are necessary to keep tenants comfortable.  The objective of maintenance, like that of every other aspect of real estate management, is to meet the goals of the owner. A comprehensive maintenance program can provide benefits for the owner.

Tenant retention: The owner will have less expense for turnover of rental space because tenants will be inclined to renew their leases.

Reduced operating costs, preservation and enhancement of property value. Deferred maintenance may cause the greatest loss that an can suffer on a real estate investment.

Safety is also an issue. Regular maintenance reduces potential hazards and provides a safe environment for everyone on the


Preventative maintenance: Energy issues: leaking faucets, running toilets, shower heads, leaving lights on, checking thermostats.

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