Tip of the Month - January, 2022


Source: Business Week Archive

America’s private Landlords, many of whom venture into real estate in pursuit of fat rent checks.  But they often fail to plan for nightmare tenants—from raucous partyers and wife-beaters to drug dealers and scam artists trying to live rent-free.  The key, Landlords agree, is to avoid problem tenants from the beginning-but always without discriminating against fully qualified, would-be renters.

Even if it goes against all of your laid-back instincts, work according to the book. Forget about any oral promises: they will fall flat if you ever have a  disagreement.  Instead, establish impeccable documentation, including the rental application, the lease or rental agreement, termination notice, and an itemization of security deposits.

If you ever land in court—and assume that you will—the papers will support you.

From the first moment, be consistent.  This means treating all applicants in the same manner, regardless of age, sex, race, religion or physical handicap.  Never steer tenants to a particular unit because of their age, gender, or family status.  Many Landlords now require prospective tenants to show ID cards.  But remember, you may be violating the law of you require an ID from one candidate and not another.

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