Tip of the Month-January 2007

Window Functions

Source: Your Home Inspection guide
              William L. Ventolo

A window serves three different functions: It lets in light, provides ventilation, & it allows a view of the outside.

Windows do more for a house than admit light, air & a scenic view outward.  Windows are also an important part of the architectural design of a house.  Poorly proportioned, awkwardly placed windows can ruin an otherwise successfully designed house.  An operating window can be closed to seal out unpleasant weather or opened to a cooling breeze.  Climate & orientation of the house on the site determine the best window placement & degree of ventilation required.

 Basement window of a residential dwelling:

Before: Painted wood framed fixed window (cannot be opened).
             Torn screening-blocked lighting due to insulation placed
              inside most likely to prevent cold air-water coming in.
              Wood framing is in poor condition with peeling paint.

AFTER: New window (hopper style-vinyl thermo-pane) with new              
               framing/rust proof screen-improved grading & parging.

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