TIP OF THE MONTH - January 2012


Source: The Landlord’s Handbook-2nd Edition
              Daniel Goodwin & Richard Rusdorf

Some Landlords rent apartments “as is”, and require Tenants to decorate and upgrade.  In this way, the Landlords save money and Tenants can decorate the apartments to their specific tastes.  But most Tenants do not want to invest their own money and time improving someone else’s property. Also, you may get a Tenant who wants purple walls with a dragon mural.  If you allow Tenants to do their own decorating, limit colors of paint and wallpaper patterns.

There is another drawback to renting an apartment ‘as is”.  Few prospective Renters can visualize how a shabby-looking apartment can be transformed with new carpeting, freshly decorated walls, and a thorough cleaning job.  Thus, good Tenants will be reluctant to rent an apartment “as is” and you may have to allow a big deduction on the rent.

Our policy is to show and offer rental units in a “rent ready” condition, do not allow any deductions on rent, have a Codes Inspection prior to each re-rental.

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