JULY 2000 - Buyers/Renters


Having a good place to live is important! Once you have established your price range and financial abilities, you should start to think of what you would like your home to have: I suggest making a "Wish List" to guide you along: keep in mind that most likely your "list" of priorities will change during your search, regardless of whether you are purchasing OR renting!!

#1 Think about the size of the kitchen: the amount/location and condition of space to store, prepare, and serve food: is it adequate for the size of your family? The size & condition (age?) of the Refrigerator-is it adequate for the size of your family? The size, condition & location of sink? Is there enough counterspace? Kitchen range(size/age? condition?) Are there enough outlets? GFI? Windows (lighting is very important): what is the traffic pattern for the kitchen in relation to the rest of the house/apt.? I suggest you evaluate the economic life of the flooring to determine how long it will be before you will need to replace.

#2 Bathroom: how many? -1- bathroom just doesn't do it any more! Size? amount of privacy? GFI outlets? Counters & sink size/condition? Mirror? Tub/Shower or both? Venting? Lighting? What is the size of the hot water heater? How is the water pressure? Does the toilet flush? Age? Location in relation to the rest of the house OR apt?

NEXT MONTH WE WILL TAKE A LOOK @ BEDROOMS & LIVING ROOMS (Reference: US Dept. of Housing & Louise A. Crossett)

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