Tip of the Month-July 2016

Creating a Maintenance and Repair Strategy
Source: First Time Landord by Attorneys
             Janet Portman/Marcia Stewart/Michael Molinski

Get everything in shipshape before the tenant moves in.  Do a thorough evaluation and fix any problems.  You will want to repeat this every time there is a tenant turnover, before the move-in. You may want to create a checklist, tailored to your property, to make sure you do not miss anything.

Educate the tenant. Set out the tenant’s responsibilities for repair and maintenance in your lease or rental agreement, and point them out before the tenant signs.

Show new tenants how to handle routine maintenance.  Explain the basics, such as how to avoid overloading circuits, properly use of the garbage disposal, locate and use a fire extinguisher. Identify problems the tenant should definitely not try to handle, such as electrical repairs.  Include a brief list of all maintenance dos & don’ts as part of your move-in procedure.

Be assessible.  Make sure the tenant can reach you to report any problems immediately.  Have an answering machine, voice mail or other arrangements available at all times and check your messages frequently.

When purchasing rental or income/non-owner properties, make sure you have a solid management plan in place.

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