Tip of the Month - June 2006


Source: Prairielaw.com-By Sherrie Bennett

You can save yourself some Landlord-Tenant headaches by doing some research beforehand & protecting your legal rights while moving in.

First, where do you want to live?  When looking @ a place to rent, consider location, convenience to work or school, the cost of utilities & who pays them, plumbing, what appliances are included, whether basement room are dry, whether there are enough outlets for your computer & electronic equipment, how much storage the kitchen has, security features such as deadbolts & locks, whether there are smoke detectors in each bedroom, whether pets are allowed & whether there are repairs to be made before you move in.

TIP (Crossett Real Estate)

Is the property or unit “rent ready”? Are all lightbulbs in place & working? All switches & outlets?  Have all meters been read in the event that you are paying for utilities? Are meters shared? Is there a “house meter” for hall/basement/security lighting? Do all doors & cabinets open & close smoothly? Any missing knobs, etc.? Are appliances clean/working? Ask your Landlord OR Agent for a Move-In/Move-Out sheet.  Who is responsible for the lawncare/snow removal/wastemanagement services?  Read your Lease or Rental Agreement and discuss any concerns prior to moving in: As a final concern, inquire if the locks are new or does anyone else have keys to your new home?

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