Tip of the Month-May 2016

Serving Eviction Notices
Source: Landlording-9th Edition-Leigh Robinson

Every legal eviction must begin with a notice advising the tenants of your intentions. It must be properly filled out and properly served.  The notice should include the number of days the tenants have in which to comply (minimums are set by laws governing such matters in the area where your rental property is located), the tenants names and the names of any other adults living there (if you do not know their names, call them DOE’S I through X until you can discover who they are), the address of the rental dwelling, amount of rent due through the current rental period, (applicable only in evictions for nonpayment of rent), the period for which this rent is due, the date of the notice and your signature.

You may be smart and have someone else serve it for you.  Some tenants will deny under oath that they never received the notice and the Judge will then have to weigh your word against theirs.

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