Tip of the Month - March, 2020


Source: Your Home Inspection Guide
              William L. Ventolo

Although they deserve as much thought as any other room in the house, bedrooms are frequently the forgotten parts of a house.  They get whatever space left over after living space is planned.  Bedrooms do not need a view or a lot of sunlight, but they should be on the cool side of the house-north or east-and on the quiet side, away from the entrance door and living area so that they do not have to be kept meticulously clean.

How many bedrooms should a house have?  From the mid 1940's through the 1960's the number of bedrooms in most new homes grew to three and then to four. Families today are smaller, so the trend is reverting to the three-bedroom house.  The market for two-bedroom houses is generally limited to empty nesters and young couples without children.  Even families of this size, however, can use a third bedroom, occasionally.  Keep an eye on popular trends.  The trend could reverse itself in the next few years.

Every bedroom is home to someone-a space where one can feel secure and have privacy.  This is especially important to a child, even though he or she may have to share the room for a while with a brother or sister.  When you look @ bedrooms, keep in mind the family's needs. Does the parents bedroom have sufficient closet space for two? Does it have direct access to a bathroom?  Does the teenager have shelf space for collections, desk space for studying and wall space for posters and clippings? Does the younger child have a place to store toys as well as floor space to play?  Can a child look out the window without climbing on a chair?

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