Tip of the Month - March 2006


Source: Journal of Property Management
                       (also: Barbara Vassallo, Vice President
                                         National Apartment Association (for gov. affairs))

Half of all clandestine meth labs are found on rental properties, according to information from the National Multi-Housing Council & National Apartment Association.

“Meth labs are portable & they can be small, so an apartment is an easy place to hide them.  In an apartment, you’re kind of unknown.  There is a level of privacy involved. Anyone who has a recipe & some lab equipment can manufacture it, so there is a potential to make a lot of it.  Meth is a “hot drug” on the streets & is very addictive after the first use.”

“It’s not as though there are drug dealers on the corner with bags of coke.  It’s something that’s much more clandestine .  There is not a lot of signs that criminal activity is going on, so it takes a property owner by surprise.”

There are signs of meth use: “Cooking” meth-also called crystal meth, ice & glass, among other names-involves the assembly of readily accessible household goods, like lithium batteries, coffee filters & aluminum foil.


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