Tip of the Month - March 2009

Window Treatments

Source: Profitably Managing your Rental Properties
             R. Dodge Woodson

Window treatments might not seem like a capitol improvement.  Window treatments allow you to control the appearance of your rental units from the outside.  When units are vacant, window treatments can reduce breakins and vandalism.  From the street, your apartments will appear occupied, even if they are not.  If you don’t provide window treatments, your Tenants may elect to hang bed sheets on the windows, which degrades your property and hurts the first impressions of prospective Tenants.

The value of window treatments is difficult to assess.  It may allow you to achieve a slightly higher rent, but the extra income will be minimal.    If you decide to invest in window treatments, accept the fact that you will not be able to track your rate of return.

Tip from Crossett Real Estate Services:

We install mini-blinds on ALL of our rental units.  In some units, we take the extra step to also install curtains, which cannot be removed or changed during occupancy.  Experience has shown that less damages to the window frames, proper installation, conformity, and an extra amenity for the Tenant are worth the expense and effort.  All windows must open/must have screens.  Windows that are painted shut, difficult to open-torn or damaged screens are “red flags.”  

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