Tip of the Month - March 2010


Source: Paul D. Martin-Chief of NYS Bureau of Fire Prevention

The installation of CO alarms are required in all new and existing one & two family dwellings, multifamily dwellings and rental properties that have a fuel-burning system/appliances/or attached garage.

Place CO alarms on each floor and near sleeping areas, keeping at least 15 ft. from fuel burning appliances.

Test CO alarms monthly/change batteries at least twice a year.  CO alarms should be replaced every five to seven years.  If you don’t know the age of your alarm, replace it.

Most important, if your CO alarm sounds, never ignore it.  Get your family out of the house immediately-call emergency personnel as soon as you are out from a neighbor’s phone or your cell phone.


Do not place the alarm in rear of furniture, behind couches-chairs, hanging blankets, near drafts or in closets.
Before you move in any dwelling, make sure there is a working  CO alarm-AND smoke alarms.  A good policy is to personally check each alarm to make sure it works and when it was installed (new or used).  We suggest this policy in your lease/rental terms.

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