TIP OF THE MONTH - March 2015

Source: The Landlord’s Handbook-2nd Edition
              Daniel Goodwin & Richard Rusdorf

As an owner you won’t be able to eliminate turnover completely, but you can minimize it by maintaining a good relationship with your residents.  Here is a checklist on developing strong tenant relationships and keeping your residents satisfied:

Show a little interest in their lifestyle and needs during the rental interview.
Follow through on your promises about repairs and decorating.  Do not offer something you cannot deliver.
Give residents your work and home phone numbers to use in case of emergencies.  Provide them with a list of other important phone numbers for emergency repairs or services.
Respond promptly to requests for service.  Even if you cannot meet their demands, let them know where you stand on the issue. Communication is the key to maintaining good relationships.
Let the residents know in advance what you expect from them and what they can expect from you on such items as rent payment due dates, lease provisions, pets, complaints, services and so on.
Respect their privacy and their right to peaceful possession of their home during their lease period. (Peaceful possession is a legal term that means the right to use the premises without harassment or interruption.)

If circumstances force you to enter an apartment when the tenants are not at home, and without prior notice, always leave a note stating that you were there and why. You would not like someone coming into your home during your absence and neither do your residents.  It is always a stressful situation.  In general, make it your personal policy to never enter a resident'’ apartment without giving at least 48 hours notice.

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