Tip of the Month - May, 2019

Consistency with Tenants-Good Tenants

Source: Property Management-Sixth Edition
Robert C. Kyle-Floyd M. Baird-Marie S. Spodek

Good management-resident relations stem from mutual understanding, trust and respect.  The expectations and obligations of both parties should be clear at the beginning of the relationship.  All residents should receive a copy of the building regulations.  The manager then must be firm in enforcing those regulations, particularly the ones concerning pets, maximum number of residents per apartment, security precautions, trash handling, noise and prompt rental payments.

Initial tenant screening can eliminate many of the problems arising from non-compliance with building rules.  There are agencies that run checks on rental applications filled out by prospective tenant for public housing. The prospective tenant's rental history will yield information on the pattern of rent payment, behavior, history of property damage, noise complaints or other problems. There are enough law-abiding and respectful prospective tenants, so the manager should not tolerate nor cater to the ones who are abusing the system.

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