Tip of the Month - May, 2021

Source: Red Flags-Property Inspection Guide
             By: James C. Prendergast

A Red Flag is a visual sign or indication of a defect in a structure or property. Certain visual signs in themselves are not clear indications of defects, but if observed in multiple numbers, especially in the same approximate location, they probably point to the existence of a Red Flag condition. Safety hazards like other defects, are Red Flags and should be disclosed. Because most property defects develop over a period of years, the age of the structure should be kept in mind during the inspection process.  The Broker or Agent must evaluate the information obtained during the inspection relative to the age of the structure.  Older structures (10 years or older) will show much more evidence of problems if problems exist, especially if maintenance has been neglected.
Very young structures (0-3 years old) pose a special problem.  Not enough time has passed for the ongoing effects of a defect, if one should exist, to cause visible damage.  Therefore, serious problems may be undetectable while a home is still young.  If symptoms of distress are seen in a new home it is a sign of a possible severe and fast moving defect.


Red Flags are much more worrisome if found in a new home and a lack of Red Flags is much more impressive in an old home.

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