Tip of the Month - May, 2017

Getting The Tenant Moved In
Source: Leases & Rental Agreement-11th Edition
By: Marcia Stewart, Ralph Warner, J.D. & Attorney Janet Portman

As part of your move-in procedures, make sure you test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in the Tenants presence and show them to be in good working order.  Clearly explain to the Tenant how to test the smoke detectors and point out the signs….  For example, a beeping noise of a failing detector.  Alert Tenants to their responsibility to regularly test smoke detectors, and explain how to replace the battery when necessary. Be sure the Tenant checks the box on the checklist acknowledging that the smoke detector was tested in his/her presence and shown to be in working order.  By doing this, you will limit your liability if the smoke detector fails and results in fire damage or injury.  Do the same for any carbon monoxide detectors.

After you and the Tenant agree on all of the particulars on the
rental unit, you each should sign and date the checklist, as well as any attachments (list of furnishings/appliances/services). Keep the originals and give the Tenant a copy of all.  Make sure to keep the checklist up to date if you repair/replace/add or remove items or furnishing after the Tenant moves in. Both you and your Tenant should initial and date any changes on the original, signed checklist.


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