MAY 2000



Watch out for the typical apartment starter kit:
#1 A few bent hangers in the closets
#2 Some half-used soap bars/razor blades in the bathroom
#3 A few sheets of toilet paper left on the roll
#4 Dead flies/insects in the light globes, on the sills
#5 Dripping faucets & dirty toilets/tubs-showers
#6 Broken light fixtures/outlets/switches/railings/steps

Some questions to ask:
#1 How do you handle the garbage and/or disposal?
#2 What are the utility costs, estimated? What utilities are included?
#3 Who do we call if we are experiencing problems? What is your policy on responding? What about emergencies?
#4 Do your require a Lease/Rental Agreement? Do you have a copy that I can review? Any Disclosures?
#5 Exactly what are we renting? Parking? Snow removal? lawncare? Use of the porches, yard? Garage?

People generally want to be able to afford to live in the unit they choose: be assured of support systems and last but certainly not least, have a positive rental history: communication skills and understanding the rental terms and providing updated documentation will play an important role in an affordable quality apartment or rental unit.

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