November, 2000

Source: The Landlord's Handbook/2nd Edition by Daniel Goodwin & Richard Rusdorf:

When prospects apply for an apartment or rental unit, they should be able to fill out & complete an application, in your presence: NEVER take an application over the phone: discussion of the rental terms, policies and addendums pertaining to the property and the ability to understand and agree to them can take place prior to signing/signatures: this is also the time to ask for any deposits and credit check funds.

A married couple can fill out a joint application: Roommates and Co-Tenants should fill out individual applications. Check credit and verify employment or source of incomes for all joint tenants, including husband & wife if they are listed together on the lease as being jointly and severally responsible: ALL applicants should be asked to fill out pertinent areas indicated and to sign the forms while in your presence.

When prospective residents have completed and signed the forms, review the application for any missing or incomplete information: record a brief explanation in any blanks where information cannot be provided or completed. Ask applicant's for previous landlord's addresses and phone numbers (applicants cannot live in post office boxes), tell applicants that you will verify income and other items of information listed by them on their application: ask applicants to sign a release to obtain necessary information @ this time. Get a phone number where they can be reached to respond to the application in a timely manner.

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