Tip of the Month - November, 2017

Move–Out Inspection

Source: The Landlord’s Handbook-2nd Edition             
By Daniel Goodwin & Richard Rusdorf

The move-out inspection can be conducted on the day the tenants vacate the apartment, or a few days before.  The purpose of this inspection is to document the condition of the apartment and to ascertain what needs fixing or replacing.  Based on this inspection, you will compute the amount of security deposit to return to the tenants.

To conduct the inspection, use your copy of the pre-inspection form completed when the tenants moved in. Review any completed apartment work orders to verify deficiencies accepted by the residents and defects corrected through workorders. Refer to notice to vacate form, which requires the tenants to leave the apartment clean and free of debris.

If possible, conduct the move-out inspection together with the tenants to avoid disputes about the condition of the apartment and appropriate charges for repairs and cleaning.  If time permits, you might allow the residents to correct minor deficiencies.


Our policy is to take photos prior to move-in: we take photos when move-out. Our lease terms: that all appliances must be clean-all light bulbs and detectors must be in working order-free of all debris-utilities transferred: a fee schedule applicable should we provide any/all.  We provide invoices for expenses to our tenants, including but not limited to any/all dispursements of deposits: all keys must be returned including a forward address for refunds.

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