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Source: Houses: Henry S. Harrison-Revised Edition
              Houses: Henry S. Harrison-3rd Edition

The objective of the footing (according to MPS), is to provide support for the dwelling without excessive differential or overall settlement or movement.  It is the perimetric base of concrete that is laid by pouring the concrete into wooden forms set @ a level below the frost line & on undisturbed earth.  It should be noted that all substructures will settle to a certain extent unless they are located on solid bedrock & that excess shifting & settlement will cause cracks & leaks in the foundation wall & uneven floors in the house.  Thus, the local building codes specify the required depth for each region based on the local frost line depth.

Cinder blocks are porous & thus are inferior to cement blocks for a solid foundation.  The 3 basic forms of foundations are basements, crawl spaces & slab-on-the-ground.

PHOTOS BY Crossett Real Estate (Red flags)

Photo #1  Foundation built-up field stone-poor condition

Photos #2/#3/#4/#5  Stress points are usually visible located by doors/windows/corners.

Photo #6 Watch for cosmetics on foundation walls

Photo #7  Poor construction-materials: on-going movement activity.

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