Tip of the Month - November, 2020


Source: Landlording-4th Edition by Leigh Robinson

Whenever you think about hiring an Attorney, remember the little old lady who was overheard saying: “I don’t want an attorney, I want the truth.”

Attorneys do have to contend with a reputation as truth benders.  They have been known to speak with forked tongues at times.  Yet, representing clients in court in the best possible light is just a small part of what they do.  They can help you with their advice, intercede for you when you seem to be getting nowhere with an adversary, review your contracts, and otherwise keep you from getting into trouble.

Like many other professionals, attorneys have specialties.  One might know divorces from the husband’s point of view, and another might know them from the wife’s. One might know landlord-tenant law from the landlord’s viewpoint; another from the tenant’s.  Find an attorney who specializes.  One who doesn’t may be legally qualified to represent you but actually know less about landlord-tenant matters than you do. Do not pay for an attorney’s education.

This web page was updated on 11/02/2020