TIP OF THE MONTH - October 2012

Character Traits of a Good Property Manager

Source: New York Landlord’s Law Book
              By Attorney Mary Ann Hallenborg

Honest and Responsible

This is especially important if the Manager will be entitled to receive legal documents and papers on your behalf.


Predictably, dealing with Tenants, repair people and guests will have its share of hassels.  A person with a short fuse is a definite liability.

Financially responsible

This should be demonstrated by a good credit history.

Mechanically inclined

Operating an apartment building takes mechanical know-how, whether you expect the worker to do it or to oversee the work of outside contractors.

Personable yet professional

Good comunication skills are a must, both with you and your
currant and prospective Tenants and any other workers the Manager may supervise. ( for example, a cleaning crew, etc.)

Fastidious about keeping the building(s) and common areas neat, clean and secure.

Meticulous about maintaining records. 

This is particularly important if collecting rent as part of the job description.

Fair and free of biases

This is a must if the Manager will be showing apartments, taking rental applications or selection of Tenants.

Unafraid of minor confrontations with Tenants. (or anyone in the- scope of management duties)

This is particularly important if the Manager will be collecting overdue rents, delivering eviction notices including but not limited to handling disputes between Tenants, Vendors, service persons, etc.  (Example: complaints about noise, missing products, services)

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