October, 2000 - Renters


Source: Gannet News Service-Stephanie Craft

When you look around your apartment, you may not think what you own adds up to much.

But what if suddenly, one day, it was all gone? Burned up in a fire/stolen/ destroyed in an earthquake, hurricane, or a tornado?

What would it cost to replace your stereo, television, kitchen set, sofa, lamps, pictures, towels, dishes, books or even your closet full of shoes?

Perhaps more than you think! People do not realize how much personal property they actually have! Even compact disks @ $ 12.00/$ 15.00 each can add up in a hurry!

The concept of Renter's Insurance could be new to most apartment dwellers and house renters. You can protect your property even if you rent, with an insurance policy similar to homeowners.

Many renters mistakenly believe their Landlord's insurance covers Tenants in the event of a fire or burglary. The Landlord's insurance usually only covers the building itself, not a Tenant's belongings. Others assume that it's too expensive. Renter's insurance does more than help you replace your bric-brac.

The cost generally varies from $100.00 to $250.00 per year, depending on: the amount of coverage, a building's construction, the Town or Village/City/Rural location, the property's proximity to fire hydrants and fire stations.

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