October, 2001


There has been quite a national campaign recently to inform Consumers about both advantages and perils of mobile home Ownership.

#1 When was your mobile home built?

Units built after June 14, 1976 are subject to the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act. This act sets certain construction standards, so Buyers will naturally be interested in when yours was built.

#2 Where's your "dog tag"?

This is a 2 X 4 inch aluminum label that must be placed on the outside rear of each mobile home (and section) indicating the home conforms to federal standards. This "plate" will also show when the home was manufactured and by whom as well as information on wind and snow load capacity.

#3 How mobile is your home?

In parts of the country where there are frequent tornadoes and hurricanes, the stability of your home can become a matter of grave concern. An informed Purchaser will want to know how well your unit is attached to its foundation or slab. If "shoring up" needs to be done, it would be good to have the hatches buttoned down before you put your home on the market.

#4 How hard will it be to get financing?

In every area there will be some Lenders who specialize in making mobile home loans. It could be the one you have your current loan or it could be a competitor. Mobile homes are eligible for both Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and department of Veterans Affairs (VA) government-backed loans AND many state-level programs. However, getting financing on a mobile home is not quite as routine as it may be for "stick-built" homes. Lenders will look very hard @ collateral, so it would be in your best interest to make certain the mobile home is in "inspection order" before anyone official (like an Appraiser) visits.


Source: The Homesellers Survival Guide

By Kenneth W. Edwards 


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