The Professional Property Manager

Source: Real Estate Management-Joseph DeCarlo

(Warren, Gorham & Lamont)

If an Owner has several properties or hires a Property Management Company, he or she will deal with a professional Property Manager. The professional Property Manager serves to organize and implement comprehensive control of the properties managed.

The main duties of the Property Manager include:

Conducting on-site inspections

Establishing rental rates

Supervising Resident Managers (if applicable)

Budgeting & completing reports & monthly statements

Controlling expenditures

Establishing standard operating procedures

Maximizing income stream & value

As this list of duties makes clear, the professional Property Manager has significant administrative & financial responsibilities, which require the following personality traits:

Decision-making ability


Ability to be firm

Analytical & detail-oriented

Assertive & ambitious

Ability to communicate with both the Owner & Tenants

Note from Crossett R.E. Services: Communication & people skills are important as the Property Manager also must negotiate with Contractors/Insurance Companies/Utility Companies, Agencies/Attorneys/Advocates, etc.)

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