Tip of the Month - October 2006


Source: Mary Beth Breckenridge-Knight Ridder Newspapers
             Mike Kuhn, HouseMaster-Bound Brook, N.J.
(Photos source: Crossett Real Estate Services)

Americans are more “plugged in” than ever.  Computers, big-screen TV’s-electronic games-faxes-(micro-wave ovens, energy efficient appliances & heating systems) all add to the load on the electrical system.

The strength of electricity is measured in amperes, or amps, and is indicated by the thickness of the electrical cable that supplies the dwelling.  A four-bedroom, two-bath unit with gas heat & appliances should be able to get by with today’s minimum standard of 100 amps, but a unit with an electric range, central air-conditioning & an electric clothes dryer would be better off with 150-200 amps.

Many dwellings built before 1960 have a 60 amp system, which may not be sufficient for today’s needs.

To determine what amp service you have, look @ your electrical panel.  If the amperage isn’t apparent, count the number of breakers or switches.  A 100 amp-panel has 20 breakers: a 150-amp panel has 30 breakers-a 200 amp panel has 40 breakers.

If a dwelling-unit is not adequately wired, fire hazards exist!

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