TIP OF THE MONTH - October 2011

Supervision of Maintenance

Source: Essential Facts-Real Estate Management
            Joseph DeCarlo

Proper supervision of maintenance workers can reduce the potential for claims of theft, burglary and other crimes, or for the Tenant claims that their right to unimpeded use of their unit has been violated.

*Workers should not enter a Tenant unit without permission. Tenants should be given notice (usually 24 hours) before maintenance work is to be performed in the unit.  The exception to this rule is emergency maintenance.  Repairs to commercial properties are usually completed during business hours: on occasion, however, repairs may be completed at night.

*The worker should not enter a Tenant unit unaccompanied.  He or she should have a witness, if possible.

*The worker should always knock before entering-including when he or she returns to the unit after leaving for short periods while performing the maintenance task.

*Only authorized work should be performed.  If the Tenant request additional service, he or she should be instructed to make a formal service request.

*The maintenance worker (s) should not discuss the work being performed, other than to give relevant instructions or information, or to ask pertinent questions that will aid in the performance of the job.  In general, maintenance worker (s) should refrain from speaking with the tenant and should under no circumstances make guarantees or promises about the services being rendered.  The worker (s) should at all times, be courteous and considerate.

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