TIP OF THE MONTH - October 2014

Verifying the Identity of all Adults

Source: Property Management for Dummies
             Robert Griswold

The very first step you should always take in verifying a rental application is to personally meet each prospective adult tenant.  You should require each prospective adult tenant to show you his or her current driver’s license or other similar (and official) photo ID so that you can confirm that the applicant is providing you with the correct name and current address.  Advise the rental applicants that if their application is approved, you will need a photo-copy of their ID to be kept in their tenant file.  Initial the rental application to record that you did indeed verify this information.

Inquire about any discrepancies between the application and the ID  provided.  Even if the explanation seems reasonable, be sure to write down the new information.  Maybe an old address appears on the photo ID, which you can check out further through a credit reporting agency.

Having a photocopy of the ID for each adult tenant can be very important if a dispute concerning the tenant’s identity arises in the future.  In these situations, you need to be able to clearly show that you positively identified the tenant upon move-in.

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Make sure that you have all applicants 18 years and older, sign the application and any/all documents.

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