Tip of the Month - September, 2021

A Plan to Handle Vacancies

Source: Property Management for Dummies By Robert Griswold

The first step in getting good tenants is to develop a plan to get each vacant unit in tip condition.  Ideally, your vacating tenant will be cooperative and allow you access  to the rental unit so that you can determine what items need to be cleaned, repaired, replaced, or even upgraded.  As you walk thro the unit, take lots of notes on the condition of the unit and what needs attention in order to get the unit ready to rent again.  These notes will serve as the foundation for a detailed plan for getting the unit ready to rent.  That plan will in turn help you attract several qualified rental prospects who will want to lease the rental unit @ the rental rate you are seeking.

Not everyone appreciates or values the same features in a rental unit as you do.  For example, although you may prefer draperies in your own home, you may soon find that vertical blinds can tolerate the heavier wear & tear of rental units much better.  Although cleanliness has universal appeal, some features such as ceiling fans & microwave ovens will appeal more to some prospects than to others.

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