September, 2001

 EVICTION: The ugliest word in Landlording


What is eviction? It is the act of removing a tenant by legal procedures. Once you have experienced the pain of evicting a tenant, you will most likely do everything within your power to avoid doing it again. (We are talking "financial pain.") If you have never evicted anyone, you are lucky!

Clear, open communication is an excellent way to solve most landlord-tenant disputes. Unless you are dealing with a "hard-core, professional squatter."  

Many tenants quit paying rent because of a disagreement with their landlord. As a landlord, you fail to respond to a reasonable request from your tenant. Talking may solve the "problem" and your rent checks start flowing again. NEVER underestimate the power of open communication.  

Don't get lazy with your paperwork. When you are going to court, your paperwork is what will win the case for you. Face the facts, you are going to lose substantial money in obtaining an eviction order. The primary cause for eviction is nonpayment of rent by a tenant. Another cause for eviction is the violation of terms of your rental or lease agreement. 

Eviction is not an act to be taken lightly. The costs takes it toll financially and mentally. Many landlords are plagued with evictions, but for the most part, they are the victims of their own poor management. Pre-screening your prospective tenant thro an application process, scheduling a personal meeting with the prospective tenant, obtaining a rental history, and determining financial abilities are some of the steps to avoid the eviction process AND protect your reputation. 

Source: Profitably Managing Your Rental Properties

By R. Dodge Woodson


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