TIP OF THE MONTH - September 2011

Maintenance Planning

Source: Essential Facts of Real Estate Management
             Joseph DeCarlo

Maintenance is the repair, replacement and provision of services necessary to preserve the property, within budget guidelines that satisfy the building’s needs and the Owner’s goals.

Maintenance is one to the most important and visible functions a Landlord manages.  A sound maintenance program accomplishes a number of goals.

Improves Tenant relations.  Maintenance speaks volumes about the quality of communication between the Landlord and the building’s Tenants.  Tenants view maintenance and management as one entity-when a Tenant is asked whether the property is well managed, he or she will likely give a reply based on impressions of maintenance.  Since retaining Tenants is the best method for keeping vacancies low and turnover at a minimum, a good, responsive maintenance program is imperative.

Promises compliance with lease terms.  All residential leases contain an implied warranty of habitability-a guarantee that the Landlord will maintain the premises in a livable condition.  Under most leases, property owners are responsible for supervising the upkeep of common areas.  An efficient and responsive maintenance program ensures compliance with these obligations.

Promotes compliance with environmental laws.  Many jurisdictions impose strict rules on energy efficiency and environmental soundness.  An effective maintenance program can help ensure compliance with these rules.


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