TIP OF THE MONTH - September 2014

Signing a Rental Agreement
Source: Paul Bernstein-Prairielaw.com

First, be certain that you completely inspect the apartment and the building of which it is a part before signing a lease or putting down a deposit on the apartment.

#1 Turn on the hot water faucets in the sinks, bathtubs, showers to make certain the water is hot and that the flow of water appears adequate.  Ask about the size of the hot water heater (tank) and how many persons can take a shower of reasonable length each morning and still have enough hot water. (Crossett R.E. tip: is your apartment the only apartment using the hot water heater?)

Does the toilet flush properly?

If it is summer-time, does the air conditioning work?  How cold is the air that blows in?  How strong is the force of the cold air coming into the apartment?

If it is winter, does the heat seem adequate?  Do you have your ownheat controls in your apartment?  Is there heating in each and every room?  (Crossett R.E. tip: is the furnace only heating your apartment?)

Do you have access to the electrical controls in case a fuse or circuit breaker malfunctions?  (Crossett R.E. tip: is your apartment the only one on the meter?)

Do you see signs of insects or rodents?  Does the apartment need repairs?  Talk to a few of your possible new neighbors and ask them about their apartments and how the building owners/managers treat their tenants. 

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