TIP OF THE MONTH - September 2015

What Tenants Want
Source: Property Management for Dummies
             By Robert Griswold

If you are trying to raise your level of tenant satisfaction (and that should always be your goal), you need to determine what your tenants want and figure out how to deliver that to them.  Your tenants are basically looking for the following:

Timely and effective communication.
Professional maintenance of the interior and common areas.
Respect for their privacy.
Fair and consistent policies and rules, as well as equal enforcement of them.
Reasonable rent in relation to what they are getting.

A variety of issues concern most tenants-and those issues are usually fairly obvious.  Good tenants do not like loud or noisy neighbors, unkempt common areas, broken or unserviceable items in their rental unit, or unsubstantiated rent increases.  But the good news is that most of these problems can be solved if you have good communication and follow-through.

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