Tip of the Month - September, 2018


Source: Property Management Handbook
Edited by Robert F. Cushman & Neal I. Rodin

The best way of contacting a resident regarding delinquency is a personal visit.  However, this is not always practical.  A telephone call to a resident who has not paid his/her rent can also be an effective and useful tool.  If the resident is contacted by phone, remember to ask why the rent is late.  The answer will indicate whether this lateness will be a monthly occurrence or an isolated incident.  In the phone call, refer to the part of the lease about the
rent being due at a specific time.  Residents are usually receptive when it is explained the rent is due on the first day of the month as
stated in the lease and that you would prefer to receive the rent on time rather than collect the late fees involved.

If the resident promises payment in a week, two weeks, or by the end of the month, then you should ask why the tenant is late.  A specific time and day should be agreed upon for payment of the rent.  At this point, a confirmation should also be made regarding the promptness of the next month’s rent payment.  It may be important to impress upon the residents that a legal action will be filed against them even though they have agreed to pay.  The legal
action should be pursued so that in case the resident backs out of the oral agreement no time has been lost in following through with litigation.

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